”Our value system is our soul“

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Knowing an organisation’s business alone remains incomplete without understanding the organisation.

The character & personality of an organisation are defined by Value system of the organisation. Our actions and behaviour are always guided by the values we follow. In today’s world, there is a huge trust deficit in customer’s mind towards most business houses. While making organisations grow year after year, most business leaders ignored the soul of the business and of the corporations resulting in this trust crisis. We at Nexus strongly believe that soul of the corporation must always be kept alive.

Even the best of business leaders can’t build a cohesive organisation. People make it. People contribute to an organisation’s making & then further building it up and making it grow. People contribute when they can relate themselves to the organisation and they can relate themselves only when they understand the organisation. In large organisations, such understanding can’t be created by any individual organisation leader, it requires leadership of principles, of beliefs and of conviction and these three together is what we call “Values”.

Commitment, Passion, Innovation and Speed – Nexus’s value system is based on these 4 pillars.

  • Commitment – We deliver what we promise and what we owe to customers, suppliers, stake holders, to our people, to society and to the world at large.
  • Passion – Our understanding of passion is the zeal in every member of the organisation to give his/ her best output. This helps us to create a culture of innovation and out of box thinking which leads to a superior customer satisfaction and creates lots of value.
  • Innovation – Change is the only thing which is inevitable. Thanks to the scientific era we are living in, things change very fast. Organisations must adapt to these changes very quickly or in fact must change in advance.
  • Speed – Best of the ideas, best of the initiatives, best of the innovations and best of services – all these have no meaning if they are not associated with sense of time and urgency. Through this value, we work towards building a proactive organisation responding to fast and ever changing needs of customers and of the organisation too.

Businesses and organisations are not built on sand of opportunism. Even if our values slow our pace of growth, let it be. It is better to sacrifice little growth for adhering to our core values than sacrifice values for attaining a little higher growth. In fact, value systems help organisations grow but it is never other way round.

Nexus, as an organisation have these fundamental values at its core & is committed to always keep its soul alive.


From the desk of Managing Director

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