rf Jumpers

NEXUS offers high quality RF jumpers made by super flexible coaxial RF cable and high-quality RF connectors. Manufactured in our state of art facility our cable assemblies ensure excellent electrical and mechanical performance. Low PIM, Low Attenuation and Low VSWR in our jumpers are achieved by our high technology induction soldering machines, Low PIM connectors and quality cable. Perfectly moulded at both ends, our jumpers are moisture protected IP 68. Our jumpers also come with specially designed easy-to-install weatherproofing boot that ensures watertight sealing in the most extreme environmental conditions. It allows for one-handed installation and enhances life of connectors in high salinity environments, while protecting other equipment from corrosion and degeneration. Our solution is waterproof to IP 67 ratings to ensure watertight sealing, safeguard connectivity, and reduce potential downtime. It also helps protect against other extreme weather conditions including wind-driven rain, freezing temperatures and UV exposure.

Available in all types i.e. 7-16, 4.3-10, 4.1-95, N type interfaces, NEXUS jumpers provide flexibility for all type of networks.

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